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Principal Employee  Julian Pieniazek - age 46

Geological Scenarios

  • Deep-water mass flow plays offshore India and East Malaysia.

  • Compaction related abnormal pressure regimes associated with ‘young’, rapid sedimentation, fine-clastics.

  • Tertiary marine channel/gravity flow clastics in the North Sea.

  • HTHP in Central Graben Jurassic of the North Sea.

  • Extensive Southern North Sea Rotliegendes/evaporites experience and salt piercement structures in the Central North Sea area and the Middle Eastern Gulf region.

  • Compressive tectonic terrains west of the Indus River, Pakistan.

  • Jurassic in the North Sea; principally Beryl Field wells but also Brae, Sleipner and Statfjord.

  • Complex fluvio-deltaic and fluvio-lacustrine plays including Gulf of Kambat and Southern Chad

  • Paralic clastic plays (Palaeocene Ranikot & Cretaceous Pab in Pakistan, Kinsale Field, Irish Celtic Sea)

NW Europe

Middle East & Africa

South & SE Asia