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Petro-Gen Geoconsultancy Ltd is a small, privately owned company registered in the United Kingdom and has Julian Pieniazek as its sole director. It has been providing consultant wellsite geological services to the petroleum industry since 1990.

Company Registration & Insurance Cover

Petro-Gen Geoconsultancy Ltd is a UK registered company (No. 2495821) and also VAT registered (Account No. 592 4387 09)

Combined Public Liability & Employers Insurance up to 10,000,000 with Houlder Insurance.

Corporate travel insurance covering a range of medical, property loss/damage and related situations.

Accounts prepared and audited by Morris Green Chartered Accounts

Company Personnel

At the present time there are two people associated with the company;

The company director (principal employee) Julian David Pieniazek

The company secretary Mrs. R. Pieniazek